• Entertainment
    May Entertainment Schedule:
    May 3 Matt Belair
    May 4 Jim Tootel
    May 5th Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo Kevin Gomes
    May 6th Matt Valcourt (7 PM)
    May 8th Matt Valcourt (7 PM)
    10th Scott Baeur
    11th Kevin Greene
    12th Kyle Nicholas
    17 and 24th Billy Leetch
    18th TBD
    19th CJ Martin
    20th Jim Kershaw (6 PM)

    21st Fundraiser for Angella's Family

    6 PM Kevin Greene
    7 PM Billy Leetch
    8 PM Close
    Angella, Kevin Gomes, Tony and John Vaughn, and Reasons

    $10 minimum donation per person
    Pizza, pasta, raffles, and free entertainment

    25th Angela Kronillis
    26th Billy Shears
    27th Kyle Nicholas

    Questions? Contact us!